Briefly discuss whether the finding in your study is statistically significant and what this means. Respond to your peers’ by discussing the possible implications of their posted study.
August 22, 2019
Macroscopic Neurology-Trace Impulses Macroscopically Through The Nervous System
August 22, 2019

Ethics in a Changing World GB 590

Topic: Ethics in a Changing World

After completing Merger Madness #5, “Fusion,” please complete the following:

Using the memo template located in Course Documents, write the memo associated with the exercise that includes your final decision (first post, and due by Saturday night).
Read all other student memos and choose two on which to comment/critique/question (these will constitute the two required response posts).
Engage in a debate about which option was the best and why you chose it. Be sure to defend your decision and challenge others’ decisions. The debate process must remain professional and fact-based.

This Discussion question often requires research. Where research is used, provide your sources.

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