While I am working on my business plan for the new 8 bed psychiatric unit in the hospital I need to
April 11, 2021
The purpose of this paper is to encourage the use of recent nursing research in the obstetric field and identify how it can be utilized in the clinical area Research article
April 11, 2021

Essay 19850277


Accounting and Disclosure Rules

Financial Instruments and Institutions

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Q1: Financial instruments in the financial institutions can be measured either by fair value accounting or by amortized cost accounting. Explain in details the definitions and advantages as well as disadvantages of both 

Q2: The kingdom’ banking sector is working with international standards by applying IFRS in preparing and presenting financial statements and applying BASEL guidelines in risk management. Explain the international accounting standards applied and mechanisms used to manage risks in the kingdom’ banking sector as well as shed light on its main performance measures disclosed by Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency( SAMA)

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