Use a diet analysis program to analyze the 5-day plan that you submitted in Assignment #2.  You can use any program that you like.  However, I suggest SuperTracker.  It is a free online program pro
November 20, 2020
Calculate the value of a call option on the stock with an exercise price of $110. (do not use continuous compounding to calculate the present value of x in this example because we are using a two-stat
November 20, 2020

End of Unit 6: Religion and Science in Education

In an essay, you must discuss whether or not religion should be part of the science curriculum in the public school system. Please refrain from the use of personal pronouns. You will be writing a 3rd person essay.


  1. Four different sources using APA citation
  2. A minimum of 1000 words
  3. A complete thesis statement
  4. Evidence and Analysis that prove your point of view
  5. Accurate quotations from your sources / I will be checking for plagiarism
  6. Please edit your work for grammar and spelling

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