nursing evolving
April 17, 2021
Describe the service or program and the policy or legislation which may support it, if there is policy/legislation providing funding for it.
April 17, 2021


    Continue to work on Part I of the DQE this week until the posted start date of Part II.  Make sure you have done or are completing the following:
Edit and improve upon the four CLA 2 papers you have chosen to use in Part I of your DQE paper. (Take advantage and submit these to the Writing Center to receive personalized feedback!)
Work on your reference page(s) that will show all of the sources you have used from the four CLA 2 papers.

Write or start to write your introductory/transition paragraphs between CLA 2 papers.
Study course materials (your notes, textbook, and your previously completed papers) from your Year 1 DBA courses in order to prepare for Part II of the DQE (remember Part II is your response to an overarching real-world business scenario question that will be made available to you on the exam start date).

1.  Introduction  2. Transition paragraphs you incorporate  3. Look through for APA  4. Help with Part 2 of your examination and your references page

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