Explained how unique personal life events and involvement in sport and/or physical activities influenced growth and development in you and your peers.
January 14, 2019
Culturally Diverse and Emic Approaches to Assessment and Intervention
January 14, 2019

Does gender or culture make a difference in the reaction?


Jim and Janice are hiking in the woods and come across a baby bear. Neither is very knowledgeable about nature and they foolishly stop to photograph the cub. The mother bear perceives this as a threat to the cub and charges at the couple.

Choose either Jim or Janice and respond to the following in a two to three paragraph cohesive response. Please do not simply answer the questions separately.

What emotion does the chosen individual feel? Is it a basic emotion or is it learned? Does gender or culture make a difference in the reaction? Describe the likely physiological, cognitive and behavioral responses to that emotion.

Choose one of the theories of emotion discussed in the readings (preferably one that has not been discussed by others as of yet). Explain step-by-step how that theory would apply to this situation.

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