unit 2 discussion 2 3
March 30, 2021
select a project with which you are familiar or one you identify through research and develop a work breakdown structure
March 30, 2021

discussion in marketing class

A bank manager notices that by the time customers get to the teller, they seem irritated and impatient. She wants to investigate the problem further. So, she hires you to design a research project to figure out what is bothering the customers. Your task is to design two studies: one qualitative and one quantitative.

1. Describe the two studies that you will suggest to the manager. Don’t forget the following important information in the description: type of research, data to be collected, how to collect them, etc.

2. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each studies. Don’t forget to provide arguments to support your thoughts.

( see the attachment for the rubric)


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