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October 9, 2021
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October 9, 2021

Discussion for masters and anderson


Discussion for Masters and Anderson

pls, read the passages provided and answer the questions in sandwich form.  and pls provide the page number for the 2 passages you find that support your answer to each question.

1. Edgar Lee Masters’s poems are very short, yet they seem to capture the essence of a character’s entire life within a few short lines. His poetry is considered modernist for its economic use of one or two key images that are symbolic of a character’s personality. What are the key images or lines in each poem and what do they symbolize in each character’s personality or life?

2. There are many ways to read Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio (of which “Hands” is a famous chapter) as a great work of modernist fiction. One way is to examine Anderson’s modernist theme: characters grasping to understand the loss or emptiness within their own lives. Anderson also uses a modernist conception of psychology in which characters are not fully aware why they are angry or depressed. Critic Rex Burbank states that “[t]he loneliness of [Anderson’s characters] expresses itself as a vague hunger which many of them do not understand and therefore cannot satisfy. [. . . T]he hunger is for meaningful communication[.]”

In “Hands,” how does Wing Biddlebaum express his vague hunger for communication? Find 2 passages to support your answer.

3. In “Adventure,” Alice Hindman desires a relationship, yet does things that express a fear of having a relationship. Find two passages, one that shows her desire for a relationship, the other that shows her sabotaging herself from having one. 


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