Telehealth and telemedicine are different. Which one is primarily centered around providing patient care services?
May 31, 2018
Discuss how the Institute of Medicine and the concept of Evidence Base Practice intersect into professional nursing practice.
May 31, 2018

Discuss the role and reliance of Ultrasound to Aeromedical retrieval medicine in Australia

There are many aspects to consider when selecting medical equipment for Aeromedical retrieval. The use of contemporary clinical monitors and biomedical devices which are small, lightweight and reliable allow critical care interventions prior to and during aerial transport. As medical science progresses there are more products and devices available to assist with diagnosing, monitoring and management of patients in the retrieval situation.Discuss the role and reliance of Ultrasound to Aeromedical retrieval medicine in Australia. Include in your discussion
The technical principles of ultrasound
Use in primary and secondary transfers
Ease of use and handling/transport
Susceptibility to vibration
The technical principles of foetal Doppler ultrasound
The role of foetal Doppler imaging in the Aeromedical retrieval environment.
Prepare a 2000-2500 word report
Include tables, diagrams and illustrations as appropriate (must be referenced)
Font: Helvetica and Ariel
Size 12 font or larger
APA referencing as per Edith Cowan University Western Australia guidelines
Referencing material must be no older than 7 years
Each new sentence or new idea must be referenced
The information must be relevant to Aeromedical retrieval in Australia and must include the latest equipment available.

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