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October 2, 2018
Demonstrate personal passion for your position and critical thinking with persuasive language, sound logic, valid claims, and credible support for the claims.
October 2, 2018

Discuss several common ethical issues program evaluators may encounter.

.Discuss several common ethical issues program evaluators may encounter.

There are several ethical issues that program evaluators might encounter when performing their duties. Treating individuals ethically can be a major issue in organizations. Some companies have failed to evolve with society and outlaw discriminatory practices and procedures. Failure to adapt may create backlash for many organizations. Another issue might be providing the necessary data that the individuals who plan to act based on the survey desire. While one issue might be conveying accurate data and results, falling short of providing stakeholders the necessary information can result in both wasted funds and loss of future funds. This portion is critical in program evaluation.

2.Discuss professional ethical standards of the nonprofit field related to program evaluation.

Some professional ethical issues include actually understanding the ethics of each role, an important part of program evaluation. Also insuring you have consent from the individuals you are evaluating, the alternative could place everyone at risk. Evaluators are judged based upon their mood and delivery, they must maintain a stable and unbiased conveyor of results.

3.Recommend behaviors program evaluators can practice to reduce the likelihood of ethical issues occurring.

To reduce the likelihood of ethical issues occurring, evaluators must have a full understanding of the subject’s policies and procedures, and the roles of its participants. By having this understanding there is the ability to ensure practices remain ethical. Also by having numerous one to ones with stakeholders and grasping a true understanding of their self-interest in order to understand practices and test for validity.

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