To align the core HR requirements of an organization with its strategic plan, you will conduct an HRM review of an organization in a case study. Be creative in assembling each of the individual components or HR tools to the HRM review so that they would be consistent with and add value to the organization. Complete the HRM review that illustrates how each of the HR tools plays a role in an organization’s overall strategic plan.
July 17, 2019
Do you believe that some supervisors are untruthful where recommendations are concerned? Explain? What three functions are salaries meant to perform?
July 17, 2019


Unit 5 discussion Vegetarians rely heavily on plant foods and may or may not include some animal foods in their diet. Identify at least two nutrients that may be lacking in a vegetarian diet and discuss vegetarian sources of these nutrients. Discuss a few health benefits of consuming a vegetarian diet. Can a vegetarian diet be considered a weight loss diet? Why or why not? Please include your name in the subject line of your initial post. Lastly, reply to at least one other student with a substantive comment. Unit 5 discussion DQ1 PHP and Form Submission Forms allow users to be able to interact with Web sites and to submit content. However, not all forms are created equally. We have all experienced forms that were too long that you gave up filing it out or perhaps ones that had fields that you did not know what should be placed into them. Consider Web usability and functionality as you discuss any two of the following: How should the fields and labels be organized on a site or a form, and in what order? How should we determine what type of input field each input should be? What input type would reduce the chances of errors? What role does CSS play in creating an effective form? How is Web usability applied to Web forms? Why is it so important that Web forms provide the user with the optimal user experience? Response Guidelines Comment on the posts of at least two other learners. Offer insights, solutions, examples, or opinions that add depth and value to the conversation. Learning Components This activity will help you achieve the following learning components: Define the layout of form elements including field, fieldset, label, input fields, and buttons. Understand the purposes of each type of input field in correlation to its data. Resources Discussion Participation Scoring Guide. /institution/IT/IT3212/170700/Unit05/u05d1_learning_comps.html DQ2 Challenges to Creating Forms Forms allow users to interact with Web sites in important ways. Forms can be complex or simple, but creating them to work and display properly can be tricky. Discuss one or more of the challenges or experiences that you encountered when trying to complete this unit’s assignment. How did you try to address it or solve it? What questions do you still have? Response Guidelines Comment on the posts of at least two other learners. Share approaches or techniques that you might suggest to help the learner to address his or her challenge. Resources Discussion Participation Scoring Guide


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