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March 11, 2021
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March 11, 2021

disaster management literature review pilot interview

Please read the following 2 parts assignments carefully and ask me any questions if not clear:

Part 1

“Your research paper literature review (on the problem Check my notes at the bottom) in final APA form (with a partial introduction).

You cannot make any statement of ‘fact’ in the proposal without having a reference and citation establishing to a high degree of confidence that ‘fact’. Include your current, developing annotated bibliography (and copies of the pdf’s) with the references in the APA format.

Expect to have ten references accumulated and annotated by this point in your process.

Part 2

“1. Explore your interpretations of the various forms of interview, and the possible application to the field of Disaster Medicine & Management, here. Collectively, conclude the best application for our purposes.

2. Display your Interview Guide (your crafted questions relating to your research question or hypothesis), and critique (positive and possible misunderstandings) your peer’s guides. This is an opportunity to “pilot” your questions and themes. Make sure to ‘annotate’ in your guide what specific information or data you are seeking!” See attachment for further interview guidelines.

*** My Notes: The following are some ideas you have to consider during this assignment:

1- My general topic: Community Resilience in Puerto Rico during Hurricanes.

2- My specific question is (What does the Puerto Rican community needs to survive and be self-sufficient?)

3- Remember this will be a part of an ON GOING PROCESS of Empirical Research that will be delivered later at the end of the semester.

4- VERY IMPORTANT: Use only peer-reviewed articles. 5-10 years old

5- I have started my annotated bibliography with a short intro last week (Attached) you need to add 10 as well


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