· Explain the role you would take in any intervention given your scope of practice and to whom you would refer the client for additional intervention. 
November 3, 2021
Mission statements | BUS 402 Strategic Management & Business Policy | Ashford University
November 3, 2021

digital reflective video 3


  • https://www.nea.org/assets/docs/PB13_CulturalCompetence08.pdf (Links to an external site.) (cultural competence brief)
  • http://www.couragerenewal.org/9-best-teaching-practices-for-cultural-competency/ (Links to an external site.) (cultural competency best practices)
  • https://www.mbaea.org/media/documents/Young_Children__Sept_2009_Partnerin_D7536CF6133CB.pdf (Links to an external site.) (partnering with families of children with special needs)
  • https://iris.peabody.vanderbilt.edu/module/clde/challenge/#content (Links to an external site.) (cultural and linguistic differences in students)
  • https://www.naeyc.org/sites/default/files/globally-shared/downloads/PDFs/resources/position-statements/PSDIV98.PDF (Links to an external site.) (Linguistic and cultural diversity position statement; NAEYC)


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