Joe has just returned from military service overseas. He has PTSD He has returned home and is employed at a large store where you are a manager. Under the ADA a manager can give reasonable accommodation for a disability if it does not impose an undue burden.
January 19, 2019
Which stage of change do you think Julia is in?Explain ( provide a rationale) for your answer.
January 19, 2019
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Describe one situation where this aspect of diversity affected their lives

Through the course of the semester, talk with five people, each significantly different from you in one aspect of human diversity–age, gender, sexual orientation, degree of physical ability, ethnicity, class, or geographic location. These can be people you know or don’t know. I suggest you get started early in the semester identifying folks with whom you might talk. In the interviews, have the people:

  1. Describe      one situation where this aspect of diversity affected their lives

2.      Discuss whether they have ever felt discriminated against on the basis of this difference, how they felt and how they reacted.

  1. Record your learning in your journal, with brief       descriptions of what the people told you (protect confidentiality by       disguising the identity from me, and assure them you will do this). Focus       your writing on your reactions to hearing their stories:
  2. What      did you learn about the effects of diversity on this person’s development      and behavior?
  3. Was      it difficult or easy to talk with/listen to this person? Why?
  4. Did      this person describe any policies in place that have affected her or him      in some direct way? How might those policies be changed?
  5. What      might be your next steps to learn about diversity and/or address your own      discomfort or ignorance?

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