What is the “crowding out” effect of budget deficits?
May 7, 2018
Why do think the European Union countries decide to have a single central bank and a single currency, instead of just agreeing to maintain fixed exchange rates among their currencies?
May 7, 2018

Describe 3 strengths identified from the FHEA Exit Exam

Compare your home state’s laws(texas) in regards to Advanced Practice Nursing Practice to an alternate state with a less or more restrictive practice environment.

To prepare:

•Consider the differences in certification exams options for your specialty (FNP)

•Reflect on how to approach relocating licensure from one state to another Write a 3 page paper which summarizes the following:

•Identify the certification exam you selected and explain why(There is two certification exam AANP FNP and ANCC FNP. The one I am planning to take is the AANP exam).

•Outline your plan for passing the appropriate National Certification Exam(AANP)

•Describe the NP Practice environment for your home state(texas) highlighting restrictions or limitations for practice

•Describe 3 strengths identified from the FHEA Exit Exam

•Describe 3 areas of weakness identified by the FHEA Exit Exam and develop a study plan for addressing these areas of weakness

APA format, 4 references within the last 5 years

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