on jan 1 , 2010, you purchased a vehicle costing 28000 with additional costs of taxes, 1750 and shipping costs, 250.
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Delta Company purchased all of the voting stock of Alpha Company on January 1, 19×2, for $400,000.Delta Company uses the cost method of accounting…

Delta Company purchased all of the voting stock of Alpha Company on January 1, 19×2, for $400,000.Delta Company uses the cost method of accounting for its investment in Alpha Company. At the date of acquisition, the book values of all Alpha Company assets and liabilities were exactly equal to their fair market values, with the exception of Plant Assets which were undervalued $40,000. Any goodwill is to be amortized over the maximum period permissible. All depreciable assets on both sets of records are being depreciated uniformly over a 20-year period beginning on January 1, 19×2, with noestimated salvage value.During 19×2 Alpha Company had a loss of $20,000 and paid no dividends. During 19×2 and 19×3, Alpha Company sold merchandise to Delta Company at a markup of 25% of cost. The amounts charged Delta Company by Alpha Company were $60,000 and $80,000, respectively. At the end of 19×2, Delta Company’s ending inventory, all sold in 19×3, included goods valued at $25,000 which were aquired
 from Alpha Company, and at the end of 19×3 the corresponding figure was $20,000.Delta Company acquired $100,000, 8%, Alpha Company bonds on January 1, 19×2, shortly after the stock was purchased.At that time the market value of the bonds was equal to par. Interest is paid annually on December 31.
Complete the accompanying consolidating work sheet,using trial balances for 19×3. Include notes to explain the entries.
Consolidating Work Sheet
December 31, 19×3
Account Title Delta Company Alpha Company
Inventory $ 200,000 $ 50,000
Other Current Assets 400,000 200,000
Plant Assets (Net) 1,000,000 400,000
Investment in Alpha
Company 400,000
Investment in Alpha Bonds 100,000
Cost of Goods Sold 4,000,000 800,000
Depreciation Expense 200,000 50,000
Interest Expense 40,000
Other Expense 600,000 80,000
Current Liabilities (300,000)
Bonds Payable (500,000)
Sales (5,500,000) (980,000)
Interest Income (8,000)
Paid-in Capital-Delta (100,000)
Paid-in Capital-Alpha ( 40,000)
Retained Earnings-Delta (992,000)
Retained Earnings-Alpha (100,000)
0 0
2. (10 points) If a parent company uses the equity method
of accounting for its investment in a subsidiary rather
than the cost method, what effect will this have on the final
figures of the consolidated financial statements?


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