How should the medical director at Happy Valley try to convince patients now being referred to the dialysis unit thirty minutes to the south to switch their care to Happy Valley Hospital?
June 3, 2018
Supply of health services
June 3, 2018

Deficiency and Cancer

FlowJo or any other software to combine each experiment’s histograms that i will attach to you into 1 figure. They combine all the histograms for each experiment in 1. In other words, 1 figure for 1 experiment. All I need is that the figures look like all other histograms that appear in the published papers for the same types of experiments. So I can add them into my thesis and my paper later.
Then , write explanations for the data, i mean analyze the figures and write explanations underneath them all.( no words limit). Also, explain the purpose and the results of all the rest of the experiments.
G6PD Deficiency and Cancer.
( specific name of the abstract is NOT decided yet , the writer can decide it based on the information that is given to him here ) I received on 2017-10-11 tissue sample from 33 years patient with cervical cancer.
The researcher that published this paper worked in HeLa Cells. So the difference between my research and his is the type of cells. Maybe I will add more methods to the methods he used such as : AFM and maybe more. But I still didn’t finish so I will think what to add more later to improve the research enable to publish a good paper. The research is consist of 2 parts. I use 100mm treated petri dish plate to grow my fibroblasts cervical cancer cells, then I move them to 6Wells plate. I start adding the medicine to perform each experiment.
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