A room with dimensions 9.00 m by 6.00 m by 3.50 m is filled with pure oxygen at 19.0 C and 1.00 atm . The molar mass of oxygen is 32 g/mol. How many
October 22, 2020
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October 22, 2020

Critical Survey of Forensic Analytics

We have begun an examination of the world of forensic analytics, a very exciting field in criminal justice. For this Critical Thinking activity, compile a critical survey of forensic analytics that provides a response to each of the following items:

  1. Forensic analytics is the procurement and analysis of electronic data to reconstruct, detect, or otherwise support a claim of financial fraud. List and briefly describe the four main steps in forensic analytics.
  2. Cite four features of Microsoft Access and describe how each can inform a process of forensic analytics by performing calculations and manipulating and querying data.
  3. Explain why is it important to perform data cleansing before the data is analyzed.
  4. Identify the sorts of data one can put into a cell in an Excel worksheet that can inform a process of forensic analytics
  5. Explain the difference between using the Copy and Paste sequence in Excel and using the Data → Get External Data commands.
  6. Describe how one can use Excel’s conditional formatting options in forensic analytics.
  7. Address the question of whether a forensic report should include a recommendations section.
  8. Identify the five main sections of a slide show presentation dealing with a forensic-related matter.
  9. Explain why a slide show presentation on a forensic matter should only be made at the end of the investigation and why there should be no interim report.
  10. Identify who would be the audience for a presentation concerning a fraud investigation that dealt with members of senior management.

Your paper should be 3-4 pages in length and conform to APA Requirements. Include at least three scholarly references, No .com sources, not older than 7 years, in addition to the course textbook.


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