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Creative Journal

3 Sections:

1. Short Stories:

– pick theme (ex: setting, characters, comedy, irony, etc.)

– pick 5 stories that have really strong selected theme (ex: stories with strong female lead)

– create a cover page (SHORT STORIES)

– 1 story per page…write 1-2 paragraphs describing how that theme works in that story….(NO SUMMARIES PLEASE)

– TOTALof 8 pages:

o 1 cover page

o 1 index page (title of stories)

o 1 introductory page (Explaining your theme)

o 5 pages (1 per short story)

2. Poetry:

– pick a theme (for example: romance, word choice, setting, etc.)

– select 5poems that have the theme

– Cover page, index page, introductory page

– 1 page per poem explaining how the theme works there

– TOTALof 8 pages:

o 1 cover page

o 1 index page

o 1 introductory page (paragraph)

o 5 pages (1 per poem)

3. Novel – Things Fall Apart:

– pick a theme (1 aspect)

– 2 to 3 pages:

o 1 cover page

o 1-2 pages explaining aspect

· Total of 19-20 pages.

· Can choose a universal theme or an individual theme for each section.

· Create book.



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