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April 8, 2021
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April 8, 2021

Cpo Exam

Essay designed to make your brain hurt and to show me how you think

One of the main challenges to the European Union is the development of an integrative European identity. Does the establishment of an identifiable European identity impact the long-term viability of the European Union? Why or why not? On what basis could a European identity potentially be based upon? Essay must be 3 FULL pages of analysis, no more, no less. All that is needed on the first page is your name, an awesome title and then start writing. Don’t start your paper 1/3 of the way down the page. I know my name, the date, the class, etc. No need to put all of that. Just write. 🙂 12 pt font. 1 inch margins. No extra spaces between paragraphs. Catchy title. Awesome introduction. Thoughtful conclusion. Build upon your arguments. Make your words count. Three pages. That’s it. Be meaningful and awesome. Your arguments must be framed conceptually (i.e. do not focus on one specific state) but you can provide specific examples in order to support your analysis. The only sources you can use are the course text and materials listed in the syllabus. Yes, I am serious. No, you cannot email me asking if __________ is ok to use. Only use what is cited in the syllabus. Make sure to cite all of your sources throughout your essays. You must cite when paraphrasing and using direct quotes. Try to refrain from using direct quotes. For the textbook, just cite the page number. Zero citations throughout your paper means that you are not applying course material. Show me that you know how to critically analyze and apply the course material to this question. If you plagiarize, zero. The end.  

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