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February 21, 2021
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February 21, 2021

Course Reflection 19944937

Think back on the topics we have covered this term. You might focus on the “controversial” ideas contained in the Discussion Boards or perhaps something from the “official” Texas government content. You could even talk about something only tangentially related to the class that’s going on in the state, nation or world that you understand better or see differently because of the class. I’d like for you to reflect on something in the class that has led you to change your mind on a topic or at least change your perspective on something in a significant way.

I find many times when I am challenged to think deeply about something, especially when I am forced to consider the views of others, that my views are impacted in some way. Sometimes I decide I was wrong. Sometimes I realize I was thinking too narrowly, or even being thoughtlessly prejudiced, in my views. Sometimes I decide I was basically right, but I am better able to understand and empathize with the views of others. And I’m always reminded that considering other perspectives is healthy.

So, for this assignment, write a paper describing a time this term when something like that has happened to you.

I really hope you can honestly say it has happened. Otherwise I’ll feel like my assignments were failures. If you honestly don’t think anything in what you’ve read and heard this term has had a significant impact on your personal views, just write about something someone else in the class said that you found interesting or insightful. (If that’s true I’d like to respectfully suggest that you consider whether or not you are honestly willing to be open to other perspectives. Being stuck in your views is a recipe for retaining fallacious beliefs, and is just boring!)


3000 words minimum

Times New Roman font, 12 pitch, double-spaced

No sources or citations required, but you should describe what was said or what you read that had an impact on you. You are not required to identify the source if it was another student and you don’t remember who it was, but if it was any other source remember that you always are required to cite anything that you’ve taken from another source.


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