A company produces two products that are processed on two assembly lines. Assembly line 1 has 100 available hours, and assembly line 2 has 42 available hours. Each product requires 10 hours of processing time on line 1, while on line 2 product 1 requires 7 hours and product 2 requires 3 hours. The profit for product 1 is $6 per unit, and the profit for product 2 is $4 per unit.
July 17, 2019
You are the human resources manager for ABC Health, Inc. What is the company’s potential liability if upper management decided to promote Steve instead of Alice? What is the company’s potential liability if it is decided that Alice should be laid off? How would you advise management? Explain your answer.
July 17, 2019

Comprehensive Report: Summary and Recommendations Paper

Review the “Report of Psychological Assessment: Scott Smith” to inform the assignment that follows.

Part 1 – Comprehensive Report: Summary and Recommendations

Part 1 – Comprehensive Report: Summary and Recommendations

Part 1 – Comprehensive Report: Summary and Recommendations

In 500-750 words, complete the highlighted Summary and Recommendations sections of the “Report of Psychological Assessment: Scott Smith.” Within the Recommendations section, include specific subsections to include recommendations for the school, teachers, and parents. Be sure to keep the information provided about Scott in mind, helping to guide educational decisions.

In addition, write a 125-250 word rationale that defends your choices. Make sure to explain how your summary and recommendations minimize bias and advocate for the needs of Scott.

Support your choices with 2-3 scholarly resources.

Part 2 – Parent/Guardian Script and Resource

Compose a 250-500 word conference script explaining the Summary and Recommendations sections to Scott’s parent or guardian in easy-to-understand language. Support your explanations with data analysis, sharing how assessment information led to educational decisions. In addition, anticipate possible concerns his parent or guardian may have, addressing each with applicable strategies.

In addition, create a 125-250 word take-home resource for Scott’s parent or guardian, consistent with your recommendations. Be sure to outline a minimum of two engaging at home strategies for student improvement, taking into account historical and family backgrounds.

Submit the Comprehensive Report: Summary and Recommendations, parent/guardian script and resource and rationales as one submission to the assignment drop-box.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.


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