John Steinbecks literary analysis essay
May 13, 2022
Reaction Essay on whether or not the U.S. has addressed all of the vulnerabilities and areas that lead to the events of 9/11
May 13, 2022

Complexity Thinking

In this thesis, the writer has to start off explaining Climate Change as a wicked problem. Then the writer talks about two specific approaches our society is trying to ‘solve’ climate change. The first attempt to tackle climate change was Kyoto Protocol and currently now it is the Paris Agreement. It is important to explain these approaches towards climate change. So after explaining what the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement are – it is time to introduce simplicity and complexity thinking (logic). The writer needs to clearly define simplistic logic and complex logic, as well as differentiating simplistic approaches from elegant simplicity. Then, show how Kyoto demonstrated complexity (and, perhaps, elegant simplicity) and where they were simplistic. Demonstrate the results from these approaches in Kyoto. Finally, demonstrate how Paris Agreement improves, how it continues mediocre, and where it is worse. It is important to mention the differences between the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris agreement. Finally, discuss how to use complex thinking and avoid simplistic thinking.  It is also important to use the shortcomings from Kyoto to critique Paris. That is, you can show where they are really making smart, promising changes as well as repeating the same simplistic logics in Paris.


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