analyze important recent changes in the united states
March 29, 2021
Week 3 Soc
March 29, 2021

complete tasks for public speaking and american govt

There are two courses: Public Speaking and American Govnerment

1. For the American Government Task here is my proposed amendment topic:

The use of texts in the United States as an official way of communication should be amended into the constitution. Texts are easy and effective way of communication thus including in the bill of rights is highly recommended. Text transcripts already exist in the system and thus amending into the constitution gives a high chance to efficacy. Text transcripts require a constitutional amendment to ensure proper regulation of the language and choice of words. Texts can be a source of conflict with poor language use and thus amendment creates sense of commitment among the citizens of the country (Bray et al, 2016).


Bray, S. L., Paulsen, M. S., Calabresi, S. G., McConnell, M. W., & Baude, W. (2016). The Constitution of the United States. Foundation Press.

2: For the Public Speaking Course…you will create the persuasive outline first and then write the persuasive outline for my speech based on the topic you choose for the outline…USE THE OUTLINE TEMPLATE ATTACHED

3. Please upload all documents on separate word doc


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