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April 6, 2021
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April 6, 2021

complete literacy 500 word discussion 1

A literacy plan is critical for supporting student literacy. If student achievement gaps are to be effectively reduced, it will require literacy to be a cross curricular mindset. Curriculum must be designed to include effective practices and strategies that can be implemented in content area classrooms with the discipline area teachers understanding their role in the literacy process.

Design a 500-750 word literacy action plan to meet the needs of two students (one of whom has been diagnosed with dyslexia) that are described in the “Class Profile.”

Address the following:

  • Explain your literacy goals for each of the students.
  • Describe the steps of the plan.
  • Include at least three evidence-based resources and at least three strategies that develop language comprehension, strategic knowledge, and reading-writing connections when teaching disciplinary literacy for the selected students.
  • Provide 2-3 examples of how technology can be incorporated when teaching disciplinary literacy to ensure accessibility and relevance for the selected students.
  • Describe 2-3 specific strategies of how reading/literacy specialists may assist struggling readers, as well as the student with dyslexia through compassion and care.
  • Identify how you will continue to assess and modify the plan.

Support your literacy action plan with 3-5 scholarly resources.


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