Make sure to follow the directions in order. First, provide a definition of the terms: “conceptual definition” and “operational definition”. Next, conceptualize and operationalize the variable “race.”
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June 19, 2018

Compare and Contrast the three general patterns of the sexual division of labor.


Compare and Contrast the three general patterns of the sexual division of labor.

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Key Points to Include:

* The importance of flexibility and integration is the first pattern.

*The rigid segregation by gender is a characteristic of the second pattern.

*All work is defined as male or female in the second pattern.

*The third pattern has elements of the other two.

The first pattern of work distribution is flexible/integrated.  Within this pattern a portion of the work is done by both genders, while the majority of the work is designated to either males or females.

The second pattern is the segregated pattern.  Societies using this system divide almost all work between men and women.

The third and final pattern is referred to as the dual sex configuration.  In this system the men and women are assigned different roles, and they work separately from each other.

*Dual sex configuration where relationship is one of balanced complementarity is a characteristic of the third pattern.

*The third pattern is common among the American Indian peoples and the Dahomeans.

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