Choose a Topic of interest and provide some facts about the health topic you chose.Please provide scholarly articles to support your discussion.
April 13, 2021
312 follow the instruction to write 1page discussion 1
April 13, 2021

communication to real life scenarios and continues to familiarize us with university resources 1

The goal of the second paper is to apply what we’ve learned about communication to real life scenarios, and continues to familiarize us with University resources. This paper should be no longer than four pages.

Pick a communication phenomenon discussed in class (nonverbal, mediated, interpersonal, organizational or health communication) and identify one empirical article that investigates that phenomenon. Explain why you picked this communication phenomenon and this article, and summarize the article. Please, include the APA reference of the article at the end of the paper.

Papers should be clearly written, follow basic standards of academic argumentation, and written in APA style and format.


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