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Columbia College ARTS 111 / ARTS 111 Quiz 6 (Latest)

Columbia College ARTS 111 / ARTS 111 Quiz 6 (Latest)
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Chapter 9 Question Pool
Question 1 2 / 2 points
Illuminated manuscripts were
made in scriptoria by scribes
made of encaustic on vellum
made of pigments mixed with water and egg yolk
written in Gaelic in Irish monasteries
Question 2 2 / 2 points
The basilica for the Monastery of Saint Gall showed its early Christian pedigree by its
choir before the altar
all of the above
Question 3 2 / 2 points
Which is not a pair
Volur – Vulcan
Asgard – Olympos
Thor – Zeus
Ragnarok – the Apocalypse
Question 4 2 / 2 points
is an European epic
has a strong sense of Christian morality
is Germanic folklore
all of the above
Question 5 2 / 2 points
The first Muslim ruler of Spain was
Abd ar-Rahman I
Sinan the Great
Sultan Suleyman
Caliph Abd al-Malik
Question 6 2 / 2 points
A mihrab is __________.
an entryway to a mosque
a ceiling mosque
an official calligraphic document
a niche in a qibla wall
Question 7 2 / 2 points
Charlemagne revived an interest in the classical world in
the 6th century
the late 8th and early 9th century
his seat at Aachen
b and c
Question 8 2 / 2 points
The purse cover from Sutton Hoo is an example of
Islamic tracery
Anglo-Saxon metalwork
Viking iconography
a Neolithic artifact
Question 9 2 / 2 points
A rich 7th century ship burial was found at
Sutton Hoo
Question 10 2 / 2 points
The language of the Koran was
Chapter 10 Question Pool
Question 11 2 / 2 points
The text on the Bayeux Tapestry is
in Latin
in French
in Norwegian
in English
Question 12 0 / 2 points
A typical Romanesque portal does not contain which element
In trumeau
Question 13 2 / 2 points
Romanesque architects used all of the following except
flying buttresses
barrel vaults
Question 14 2 / 2 points
A campanile is
bell tower
Question 15 2 / 2 points
Saint-Pierre at Moissac has a visionary character because
it was inspired by an oracle
it was inspired by a vision of St. Peter
it was inspired by a dream of Clovis
it was inspired by a miracle of St. Peter
Question 16 2 / 2 points
The Bayeux Tapestry is
a tapestry
a Viking work
an embroidery
a parchment
Question 17 2 / 2 points
The Holy Sephlcher refers to
religious order
the builders of Sainte-Foy
the rock cave in Jerusalem believed to have been the location of Christ’s burial
the pilgrimage routes
Question 18 2 / 2 points
The tympanum over the south portal at Moissac shows
2nd coming of Christ
the Virgin and Child
none of the above
Question 19 2 / 2 points
Romanesque refers to
a distinctive style in western Europe from 1000 to 1400
a period of western European art and history
a range of styles with regional variations
Medieval sculpture and architecture, but not painting
Question 20 2 / 2 points
Romanesque buildings were supported by
flying buttresses
Chapter 11 Question Pool
Question 21 2 / 2 points
In the Middle Ages, the function of the guilds was
to exclude craftsmen from professional organizations
to protect workers and establish standards of work
to permit strikes if workers were dissatisfied
to influence patrons
Question 22 2 / 2 points
English Gothic begins
with the facade of Salisbury Cathedral
with the fan vaults of Kings College, Cambridge
with the Norman tower of Canterbury
with the choir of Canterbury Cathedral
Question 23 2 / 2 points
The Corona Chapel was built
as a shrine of Henry II
by Thomas a Becket
as a reliquary
by William of Sens
Question 24 2 / 2 points
The church that contains segments built in the Early Gothic as well as the High Gothic is
St.-Maclou, Rouen
Beauvais Cathedral
Amiens Cathedral
Chartres Cathedral
Question 25 2 / 2 points
In contrast to French Gothic cathedrals, Salisbury has
clerestory windows
a triple transept
a square apse
a vaulted nave
Question 26 2 / 2 points
Which is not used in making stained glass windows
colored glass
clear glass
an iron armature
Question 27 2 / 2 points
Most great French Gothic cathedrals were dedicated to
the Virgin
St. Peter
Question 28 2 / 2 points
Compared to the west facade of Reims, the west facade at Amiens
has glass tympanums
has a smaller rose window
is proportionally taller and thinner
is symmetrical
Question 29 0 / 2 points
Saint Augustine was not influenced by
In old testament
Plato’s Republic
classical philosophers
Saint Denis
Question 30 2 / 2 points
The Beau Dieu refers to
a statue at Amiens
a book by Augustine
a book by Hildegarde of Bingen
a statue at Reims
Question 31 2 / 2 points
Philip the Bold’s court was located in
Question 32 2 / 2 points
Claus Sluter’s work was like
Giotto’s for its massiveness
Simone for its lightness
Michelangelo’s for its Greek classicism
Cimabue’s for its Byzantine finish
Question 33 2 / 2 points
Which of the following had the least influence on Giotto
Gothic French sculpture
art of ancient Rome
International style
Question 34 2 / 2 points
Which of these does not match
Orcagna- Triumph of Death
Limbourg Brothers – Very Rich Hours
Boccaccio – The Decameron
Dante – Life of Saint Francis
Question 35 2 / 2 points
Which is not true of Giotto’s Crucifixion
it depicts the effects of gravity
it refers to typology
it takes place in Jerusalem
Christ’s form is elongated
Question 36 2 / 2 points
Philip the Bold of Burgundy built the
Town Hall of Ghent
Hospital des Invalides
Palazzo Pubblico of Siena
Chartreuse de Champmol
Question 37 2 / 2 points
The Roman soldiers in the foreground of Giotto’s Crucifixion
are torturing Christ
are leaving the scene
are repenting their sins
are arguing over possession of his cloak
Question 38 2 / 2 points
The patron of “Les Tres Riches Heures” was
John, duke of Berry
Tommaso Portinari
Giovanni Arnolfini
Philip the Bold
Question 39 2 / 2 points
Giotto’s Virtue of Justice
reflects emerging ideas about good and bad government
has no relationship to Classical antiquity
is seated in a Renaissance building
is represented as blind
Question 40 2 / 2 points
Which is not a feature of the Divine Comedy
Virgil is Dante’s guide through the Inferno
it was written in Latin
it is a source for Italian history
it is divided into three parts

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