(a) When a 9.00-V battery is connected to the plates of a capacitor, it stores a charge of 27.0 uC. What is the value of the capacitance?
November 20, 2020
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November 20, 2020

CO2 stored/released (kg/acre):

CO2 stored/released (kg/acre):

5. (10 points) Using the “Carbon dioxide stored/released per acre” value from your calculations of the KSU sites and the amount of acres you calculated above for your apartment or home, calculate the amount of CO2 that would have been removed from the atmosphere and stored in plant tissues if your lot/apartment and subdivision/apartment complex were forested land. List your answers below. (Hint: multiply your answer in (d) above by the amount of acres you estimated for the lot and subdivision, or apartment and apartment building. You should only fill in 2 blanks, either for a lot and subdivision, or apartment and apartment building) (Another hint: Here is a tool you can use to get the subdivision or apartment area values for the lab this week. http://www.daftlogic.com/projects-google-maps-area-calculator-tool.htm)

Kilograms of CO2 stored/released, single-family home, lot: _______________.

Kilograms of CO2 stored/released, single-family home, subdivision: _______________.

Kilograms of CO2 stored/released, apartment: _______________.

Kilograms of CO2 stored/released, apartment building: _______________.

6. (10 points)  It is estimated that the greater Atlanta area (where KSU is located) loses 50 acres of trees per day to development. If we assume that the cut trees are burned or mulched, how much CO2 will this release into the atmosphere in a year? (Hint: you will need to use the mass conversion factor for carbon to carbon dioxide value you calculated in the first part of the lab.)

CO2 released per year = ________________ kg CO2

I am unable to figure out how to get the total form Kilograms of CO2 stored/released, single-family home, lot and subdivision.

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