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Clinical Ethics


The purpose of this assignment is for you to write your own Personal Code of Ethics (PCE) on the various issues covered in this course. Beginning in Module/Week 2, you will write a section of the code of ethics each module/week and submit it to your instructor for evaluation. Each section must be at least 250 words. The instructor will assess what you have written and make suggestions for clarification or improvement if necessary. Once you have received a section back, you will have the opportunity to revise it based on the instructor’s input. At the end of the course, you will submit the entire project for a final grade.

PLEASE NOTE: While this is your own code of ethics, it should be written in a formal, academic and objective style. You should avoid all personal stories or references. Also, avoid being casual in style. Think of this as an official document. You might Google codes of ethics to get an idea of the style and manner I am looking for.


PCE – Clinical Ethics

While you may have to deal with some of this issues discussed thus far, you will very likely have to deal regularly with handling patients in the clinical environment. Therefore, this section has perhaps the most practical application. This section must include the following:

1. A statement about the meaning of informed consent and the value of maintaining informed consent, including the value of patient input, right to refuse treatment including if and when right to refuse is limited.

2. Your view concerning paternalism: when it is appropriate and when it is not, including the limitations of various methods.

3. Your view of deception: its appropriateness and its dangers, including the value of being honest with patients.

4. Your view of confidentiality: its importance and whether it can ever be justifiably infringed upon (and if so, when).

5. Your view of how conflict in the health care team should be handled and when and how whistleblowing might be appropriate.


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