Intro to Film studies DQ1-The informative language used is to help clarify and education audiences,.
September 14, 2020
final project due
September 14, 2020

choose one of the following topics and write a 400 500 word essay

Choose one of the following topics and write a 400-500 word essay. You must cite at least 2 primary sources. Follow the proper citation format for articles and or websites . You must use direct (primary) sources of information (i.e., not Wikipedia or news articles). The essay must have the following sections: accurate title, 3-sentence abstract, introductory paragraph, 2-3 body paragraphs, conclusion, references. The entire essay should be less than 525 words; that includes everything. You will get a point deducted for going over the word limit, and 1 point each for missing any of the required sections listed above.

For all topics, you must write at least 1 paragraph that is 100% your own personal insight.

1. Genetic engineering and medicine

  • Choose one disease that has been cured by genetic engineering.
  • Briefly describe the disease; evaluate the cure.

2. Therapeutic cloning

  • Describe a disease that is caused by a malfunctioning gene and can be cured by gene therapy.

3. Genetic engineering and agriculture

  • Find an engineered agricultural crop or livestock.
  • Discuss the pro’s and con’s and any ethical concerns.

4. Reproductive cloning and conservation of endangered species

  • Find examples and discuss concerns.

5. Stem cell therapy

  • Find a disease that has been cured by this therapy.
  • What are some of the issues around stem cell therapy?

Please remember to use your own words and check for spelling and grammatical errors. The Turnitin results will always show some level of matching, but there should never be complete sentences and sections that are not from your own writing. Practice rephrasing and synthesizing ideas rather than transferring directly someone else’s words.


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