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November 20, 2020
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November 20, 2020

Case Study: Training in Use of Interventions and Therapeutic Use of Self

Paper should be typed in the APA format, and all references should be cited, and address the following

A) List the personal data of the Client according to the Case Study and occupational profile: Include medical history, occupational history, education, work history (if any), leisure habits, self-care habits, social relationships, cultural background, support system, etc. If information is missing in the case study in the text, use your imagination and fill in the missing parts so that the occupational profile is complete.

B)Review Client’s treatment plan as recorded in case study.

C)Develop Client’s treatment plan further than is recorded in the case study.

D)Describe your role (as an OTA) in the evaluation process.

E)Describe your observation of the Client’s occupational deficits, and related underlying impairments.

F)Describe how you would work in collaboration with your supervising OT using clinical reasoning in selecting evaluation tools and interventions during the initial evaluation for the client.

G)Describe how you in collaboration with your supervising OT would select and write treatment goals for the client.

H)What other referrals might the client benefit from? Why? Support your answer.

I)Describe the additional treatment methods and interventions you would use with the client. Why? Support your answer.

J)What occupational therapy interventions and procedures would you use to provide training to the client and his or her family in self-care, self-management, health management and maintenance, home management, and community and work or school integration?

K)What methods would you use to enhance the client’s safety, wellness, and performance in activities of daily living (ADL), instrumental activities of daily living (IADL), education, work, play, leisure, and social participation?

L)Describe how you would engage the client and his or her family in occupational performance and evidence based intervention planning and implementation, considering the client’s occupational profile, client factors, performance patterns, contexts, activity demands, performance skills, and aspects of diversity.

M) Describe how you would provide therapeutic use of occupation, exercise and activities as part of the client’s intervention.

N)Explain how you would provide training in self-care, self- management, home management, and community and work or school integration for the client.

O)Provide development, remediation, and compensation for the client’s physical, cognitive, perceptual, sensory, neuromuscular, and behavioral skills.

P)Describe how you would modify the client’s environment and adapt processes to facilitate his occupational performance.

Q)Assess and recommend home and community programming that will support the client’s occupational performance.

R)Describe when you in collaboration with your supervising OT may reevaluate, or have the treatment plan revised.

S)Describe how you would collaborate with your supervising OT for discharge planning. What type of self-care training and/or management referrals would benefit the client and his family to make discharge transition smooth? Why? Support your answer.

T)Answer the questions at the end of your assigned Case Study in Appendix A of the MHC&T text.

U)Use textbooks, scholarly journals and other credible sources to help you answer the questions, and remember to cite your sources using APA format.

Please look at the picture attachments for case study and questions information, and its on Case study 3

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