Social Psychology Discussion Question #9
March 11, 2021
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March 11, 2021

Case Study P2


After you reviewed the case study and wrote up your thoughts on the measles outbreak, your write-up went up the chain of command to Dr. Rubella, TMH’s CEO. Dr. Rubella has charged you with helping to bring this outbreak under control, immediately, taking whatever actions you deem necessary.

Realizing that this outbreak is global to the region, Dr. Rubella has asked you to formulate a plan, with these requirements: Form a committee of not more than 8 members, including you (consider the group as one person, the lead epidemiologist), of internal and external stakeholders (consider agencies that were involved in the outbreak) who would be highly motivated to bring this outbreak to a close, listing those members at the top of your plan document Identify strategies to fix the problems you identified in Case Study Part 1, Question 3 Identify strategies to prevent the further spread of measles during this current outbreak Identify strategies to prevent future outbreaks Write a plan to implement those strategies, considering: A list of strategic goals that the committee expects to meet Who will be involved in implementing the plan What resources would be used Ways to generate any funding that might be necessary How the plan will be carried out How the plan will be assessed

Your plan must be submitted as a word document, submitted by one group member on behalf of the entire group. In your write-up, consider that you are delivering this information to very busy people, so your writing should be succinct yet highly detailed. Therefore, your submission should be no more than three pages, double-spaced, with a traditional 12-point font. All borrowed material must be cited in APA format, and the reference page does not count against the page limit.


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