March 11, 2021
Predictive Office Memo (Predict How A Court Might Apply The Laws That Determine Whether A Writing Is Required To Enforce A Contract In This Situation)
March 11, 2021

Case report and analysis on sustainability

The paper is a specific operations management or supply chain topic (Amazon Sustainability) in depth; .

Answer the following questions regarding Amazon Sustainability: 3 pages single page, 12 font. Please provide graph and data to support findings.

  1. A clear statement of the topic you are exploring
  2. Why is this topic important?
  3. What is the scope of the problem or issue? Who does it affect and can you quantify it?
  4. Is there a history to this issue or problem?
  5. What is the underlying idea or philosophy?
  6. If it is a problem, has it been solved by the approach you are exploring? What does the solution involve?
  7. How can we better measure sustainability?

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