a season ticket holder is suing the houston astros over the team s sign stealing scandal
November 22, 2021
November 22, 2021

Case notes: daktronics | Article writing homework help

In the article must answer these questions!

Writing styles is Time news Roman, Fone,12

More than 700 words

The Document is the article. Must read!

  1. Describe the core and extended product and service package in the Large Sports Venue display market. What are the trends?  

  2. Who are the players in the buying center?

  3.Describe the needs of the buyers as they make this purchase decision. 

  4. Given the complex nature of transactions in this market, what should be the role of the Daktronics sales force?  

 5. What are the forces pushing buyers toward the use of consultants?  

 6. What are the sources of channel power in the large sports venue market and how are they changing?  

  7. What strategic options does Daktronics have? How should it handle the “rise of the consultants”?

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