Section TwoVariance Analysis Variance Analysis Case Study During the month of February, an outpatient surgery clinic has incurred a significant…
November 21, 2020
Religiosity effecting Conspiracy theory belief
November 21, 2020

career inter – Lion Essays

Students will conduct an interview with a person who currently holds approximately the same job and title that they are interested in pursuing. This interview will give students the opportunity to gather information about their possible career choices. Students will use the theories and concepts discussed in the course to examine the interviewee’s career path, motivation, values, and interests and prepare a written summary of their conversation and their assessment of the interviewee and their job. The written summary should be approximately two single-spaced pages in length and should not be in a Question and Answer format or a verbatim transcript of the interview. Instead, students should write a summary that clearly discusses what they learned from the interviewee regarding the job/title they are interested in pursuing and how this information contributes to the student’s career development process. 

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