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February 23, 2021
Assignment 19930267
February 23, 2021

capstone project simulation and 2500 words

need specifications, such as design requirements, placement of device, power output of said wind turbine. I need to show some cfd simulation.

The focus will be on the design of the aerofoil for the wind turbine, basically comparing the 2 blade to the 3 and 4 blade types, then must include justification.

Also, things to include like power storage, discharge options etc. I’ve removed the design of the sensor circuit and battery management system from the focus of the scope, instead will be focused on the aerofoil/blade design and efficiency. For a said fixed wind speed @ the rail tracks, which design would be the best for its use.

For that we need to fix the wind speed based on the studies done previously.




2.Literature Review

3.Proposed Methodology



6.Preliminary Results



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