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February 19, 2021
Performance 10
February 19, 2021

Canada Current Economic Situation

Hello, I need a paper about Canada’s current economic situation. The paper need to be APA format. I have the instructions below on what the paper should address. Thank you in advance. I have attached the first part of the paper.

First, take the initial findings from week one and add more “meat” to the discussion. Your paper can answer the following questions:

• What are the country’s biggest challenges? • What factors impacted the country’s economic development the most? Political? Social? Cultural? Agricultural?

• What is your country’s economic vision long-term? Does it have one? If not, why not?

• Determine if this country is positioned to sustain economic growth over the next five years.

• What economic challenges will the country likely face during the next five years in attempting to accomplish its long-term strategy? • What is the root causes of the current economic situation?

• What are the main obstacles standing in the way of the country’s achieving its long-term strategy?

Use at least three references from your text, the videos, relevant websites, Wall Street Journal, etc. Be sure you have an introduction, an analysis and a conclusion.

The following describes how this paper will be graded. The questions and comments below are designed for you to read and consider before turning in your work. Introduction Does the introduction explain what the paper is about? Does it give a quick overview of the purpose of the paper, and what you are attempting to share in your findings? Analysis Does the paper have three to five main points that are supported by references in the text with page numbers of analyzing the answers to the questions above? Do the analyses connect to your introduction and conclusion and the “heart of your hypothesis?” Conclusion Is the conclusion a clear and concise recap of the analysis? The conclusion cannot bring in any new ideas! Does the conclusion tie into the first two or three sentences in thought?


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