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October 18, 2020
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October 18, 2020

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 outline for paper on HOUSING FIRST PROGRAM—-

I need a 10-12 page paper on HOUSING FIRST program. The paper must follow the below outline and use the sources listed as well as add 4 additional sources making it 9 sources all together. The paper MUST follow the below outline and it MUST include the sources listed below

A.    What is the Housing First program?

B.     How  was this Housing Program was developed

·         Since its development the Housing First approach has been adopted by several cities and states across the United States making it the most successfully replicated housing program. However, it was first developed by Dr. Sam Tsemberis founder of PATHWAYS, Inc – A New York based non-profit agency.

*(Pathways to Housing was founded by Dr. Sam Tsemberis in 1992 and is widely credited as being the originator of the revolutionary “Housing First” model of addressing homelessness among people with psychiatric disabilities)

C. Funding Sources

·         Medicaid Reimbursements

·         State and City Funding

·         HUD Subsidized programs – Shelter Plus Care, Section 8


·         Challenge of finding suitable housing

·         Challenge of working with private home owners, apartment buildings, and agencies

·         Challenge of finding housing that client will like ( quality and safety of neighborhoods)


·         Length of stay in shelters

·         Housing placements

·         Housing stability

·         Recidivism – takes into account repeat shelter visits

·         Housing outcome

·         Health and Well-being of individuals and families


Goldfinger, S. M., Schutt, R. K., Tolomiczenko, G. S., Seidman, L., Penk, W. E., Turner, W., & Caplan, B. (1999). Housing placement and subsequent days homeless among formerly homeless adults with mental illness. Psychiatric Services, 50(5), 674-679.

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Tsemberis, S., Gulcur, L., & Nakae, M. (2004). Housing first, consumer choice, and harm reduction for homeless individuals with a dual diagnosis. American journal of public health, 94(4), 651-656.

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