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September 3, 2021
What components must be present for the Neuropsychological disorder to be diagnosed?
September 3, 2021

Budgetary Plan


I would like to open an Adult Day Care. 


You will be creating a Budgetary Plan for a company you would like to open in the future (it cannot be an existing company and should be based on the company you mentioned in your introduction). You will provide a very brief overview of your company, your ideas on budget planning and controls along with 2 sample budgets (Cash and Selling and Administrative) prepared using Excel.

Writing Requirements:

  • Write an 8-page paper (not counting the cover page, abstract, or reference page) using the template provided as a guide and no more than 10 pages
  • Embed your Excel examples in your paper
  • Use proper APA format on citations and references
  • Minimum of 5 scholarly sources
  • Please remember to run your documents through the Plagiarism Checker to review the percentage taken from other sources prior to uploading your work here for final grading and the final plagiarism check.

Grading Requirements:

  • View the grading rubric
  • The assignment is due before midnight on Sunday.



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