identify a research  question based on a thorough review of the literature related to a  particular disorder/syndrome and design a scientifically sound grant  proposal using current methods of neuroscience investigation.
August 19, 2018
dentify other community resources that might be available in a case like the one your peer described. What crisis and confrontation skills might be necessary in assisting with the case presented
August 19, 2018
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Briefly describe the health care system

Paper/Presentation Components
Describe the country – relevant geographical considerations, economy, demographics (approximately 1 page
Health Issues
Prevalent health issues including morbidity and mortality rates, life expectancy, major health issues, leading causes of death, etc. (approximately 1-2 pages)
Cultural practices (general & health related) (approximately 1-2 pages)
Health Care System
Briefly describe the health care system (may include reference to governmental and non-governmental agencies) (approximately 1-2 pages)
Nursing Role
Discuss the nurse’s role in addressing the identified health issues. (approximately 1 page)

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