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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Biology Questions

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The human appendix, a vestigal extension off the large intestine,
is homologous to a structure called a caecum, generally larger than our
appendix, and houses bacteria that aid in digesting cellulose, the main
component of plants.

Explain how the presence of the appendix might be used to show our
common ancestry with other mammals, and determine what it might tell us about
the dietary history of humans. Provide an example with your response.
Geneticists compare DNA base sequences among organisms and from
this data determine a gene’s rate of evolution. Different genes have been found
to evolve at different rates. 

Explain why some genes might have faster rates of evolution than
other genes as populations adapt to their environments, and give an example
with your explanation.
Analyze the impact that the extinction of a species will have on
an environment. Determine what you believe to be the most significant impact,
and explain why.
how the collection of knowledge about the Ash borer’s ecology and behavior are
helping to control infestations of this non-native species. All of these
efforts cost money. As a citizen, determine whether or not you believe
that the time and effort spent collecting this information is worth it, and
explain why.

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