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behavior analysis job description

Hello, I need for you to write at least 250 words per question….

I need for you to explain in APPLIED BEHAVIORAL TERMS the following jobs. In other words, I want you to describe the jobs using behavioral terminology and wording. Also, I want you to talk about different applied behavior analysis intervention that could be perform in the above-mentioned jobs. Please be very clear describing the Jobs in analytical wording. IT NEEDS TO BE 100% FREE PLAGIARISM

Scenario 1.

4.A.L.A – this person worked as:

1.a Certified Nurse Assistant with individuals with developmental disabilities, mental health disorders such as: Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Major Depressive Disorder, and others. assistant teacher at a daycare with children with disabilities.

Scenario 2.

5.A.C.F – this person worked as: care teacher with children with autism

2.assistant teacher at a daycare with children with different development disabilities

Scenario 3.

6.A.M.V. this person worked as: teacher with children with down syndrome and mental retardation

Scenario 4.

7.A.G.G. this person worked as:

1.Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) with children with Autism

Scenario 5.

8. A.IZ this person worked as:

1.Home Health Assistant (HHA) patients with mental and physical disorders.


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