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bcba early and family intervention

Family intervention


General Assignment Instructions

• Using the scenario below, select a peer reviewed article (from the approved journal list) with an evidence-based intervention using ABA principles to guide the development of a support plan for the classroom concern.

• Then develop an intervention script (use attached template as a guide) to outline the critical steps of the intervention plan for this classroom. Keep in mind the age appropriateness of the intervention, skills, goals, etc. An intervention script is a list of critical intervention steps that is agreed upon by the team developing the intervention and allows everyone (e.g., implementer, observer, parent) to be in agreement regarding what the intervention will look like.

• Article guidelines: You cannot select an article that has been provided in class; however, you can select an article discussing an intervention discussed in the course (e.g., presentations, resources, Relias modules). The article selected must be from one of the approved journals listed below and should demonstrate strong ABA principles that align with a likely function of the classroom concerns.

• Submit both the script (saved as a Word document) AND the article (saved as a PDF).

Scenario: The teacher in a preschool classroom of 4 year olds reports to the Behavior Analyst that no one will sit still or participate during group time (consists of a story, two songs, and share time). After an initial observation the Behavior Analyst noted that overall the children were only actively participating (e.g., raising hand to talk, singing song) 35% of the observation. A high number of children were also observed being disruptive (e.g., playing with toys, talking to neighbor about something not related, wandering the room). The team would like to implement a positive intervention that will address these concerns.

Finding Peer Reviewed Journals

1. There are a few different methods to search for articles. See “Guide to Search for Article in Specific Journals” for suggestions to get started.

2. Select an article that meets the assignment requirements from the list of behavioral journals listed below. These journals will likely have multiple behavioral interventions per issue:

a. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis

b. Behavior Analysis in Practice

c. Journal of Behavioral Education

d. Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions

e. Behavior Modification

f. Behavioral Interventions

g. Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions

h. Behavior Analysis: Research and Practice

i. The Behavior Analyst

j. The Analysis of Verbal Behavior

k. Psychology in the Schools

l. School Psychology Review

m. School Psychology Quarterly

n. School Psychology Forum: Research in Practice

o. Intervention in the School and Clinic

Script Template- Intervention Title

Remove the text in red and provide your own text. Use the example script and text in red to make sure you meet all of the assignment expectations.

Formatting: Use this template provided. Use direct, concise steps easy for someone else to follow. The length of the assignment should be no more than a page and a half. Single spaced is allowed.

First, select an article from an approved journal and use the information from the article to guide the intervention plan. The article will serve as an example of how the intervention strategy has been used effectively previously.

Materials: Describe materials needed to implement the intervention.

Steps: Include key steps (in bullets) required for the intervention to be implemented accurately. Describe in concise and easy to follow language. Someone completely unfamiliar with the intervention (e.g., substitute teacher) should be able to pick up this script and understand what to do.

Intervention Plan: Describe the frequency of the intervention and duration of intervention implementation before evaluation of data. Also indicate the tier the intervention is designed for and ensure that the intervention plan reflects and is aligned with the tier selected.

Target Behaviors: Include a (a) behavior of concern and (b) replacement behavior that are observable, measurable and clearly defined. Be more specific than the scenario provided.

Data Collection Plan: Include 1-2 sentences describing how data on the target behavior(s) will be collected, including: (a) who will collect the data; (b) what type of data will be collected (e.g., frequency, interval, etc.); (c) and how often data will be collected.


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