Question 1. Discuss and describe what is meant by a ‘victim precipitated homicide’.
October 18, 2020
Darwin Theory
October 18, 2020

BBA2926 Columbia Southern University Ch 8 Project Schedule Paper

  • Project Schedule
  • You are the project manager in charge of building a house in Ashburn, Virginia. The house is a five-bedroom home estimated to cost $1.2 million dollars and has to be completed in 24 months.For this assignment, create a Project Schedule, and list the 20 activities required to complete the house that you identified in your Unit IV Project Budget.
  • Assign a schedule to all identified activities. Please be sure to reserve two weeks for contingencies. In other words, you should schedule all the activities and set aside two weeks for contingencies. The entire project (including the two-week contingency period) should equal 24 months.
  • You can create your schedule in a Word document table, an Excel spreadsheet, or MS Project document


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