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Editor’s note: Autodesk has announced its AutoCAD 2020 software. For more information about AutoCAD 2020, see our AutoCAD 2020 review.

Autodesk’s AutoCAD software package contains a number of different tools for use in architectural design. Autodesk’s latest version of AutoCAD is called AutoCAD 2019. As with previous AutoCAD versions, AutoCAD 2019 is a 3D (three-dimensional) modeling program. AutoCAD features a number of functions and tools that can be used to create 3D models in architectural drafting and design.

Many users are interested in AutoCAD’s ability to draw, edit, and print 3D models on surfaces that are not flat. With that capability, AutoCAD can be used to create projects that would have been impossible with a 2D drafting program. AutoCAD’s tools for creating 3D models are powerful and impressive.

In recent years, AutoCAD has become a high-end commercial CAD package that has gained a significant following, despite the fact that many of its features have remained unchanged for several years. AutoCAD is designed for architects, engineers, mechanical designers, and other professionals who need to design or model complicated projects.

In recent years, AutoCAD has become a high-end commercial CAD package that has gained a significant following, despite the fact that many of its features have remained unchanged for several years. AutoCAD is designed for architects, engineers, mechanical designers, and other professionals who need to design or model complicated projects.

Benefits of AutoCAD

No one tool is perfect, and there are many applications and products available for CAD/CAM design. AutoCAD’s features may not be suitable for all CAD applications, but they are useful in many situations.

Creates 3D models

AutoCAD’s 3D capabilities are very strong and can be used to design and construct architectural models and projects. The 3D capabilities in AutoCAD enable users to view an entire project from any direction and in any scale. Many architectural 3D programs can create 2D images, but they cannot create or view 3D models in 3D. AutoCAD’s 3D features include:

Bezier curves and splines

3D modeling tools

3D modeling

3D views

3D views and solids

3D surface construction

3D surface construction



Solutions to business problems, such as CAD fusion and integration
Screen reader
Text editor (AutoLISP)
3D architecture support
3D modeling and other support

AutoCAD R13 in December 2010 added a few new features:
Microsoft Office Importer (to import Microsoft Office documents and native, non-native, XML-based file formats).
Inline coordinates. Inline coordinates and views are 2D shapes that appear in all three dimensions.
A line that is not only a horizontal or vertical line, but also a dashed line or dotted line.
An option to indicate whether the name of a shape is to be displayed in the ribbon, command line, or on its icon in the status bar.

System tools and functions

Windows 7 and higher:
Viewports and document tabs. A viewport is a window on which you can view more than one drawing. A tab is a grouping of related tools, such as a command or View tab.
Dockable toolbars. A “dockable toolbar” is a toolbar that can be hidden in a viewport when not in use.
Ribbon interface, which simplifies the command bar by showing only the icons corresponding to the active commands.
System toolbar, which includes the standard command bar, the ribbon interface, and tool options (such as Zoom, Fit, and Clear screen).
Tabbed documents. A tabbed document is a drawing that appears as several separate windows on the screen. For example, you can have multiple drawing in multiple views simultaneously.

Mac OS:
Floating command bars, which are views that can be docked to any monitor on the desktop.
Customizable shortcut keys.
Dynamic transparency.
High Dynamic Range (HDR) images.

Microsoft Windows:
Additional types of layouts.
Additional keyboard shortcuts for the most frequently used command bars.
Applying the On Viewport and On System toolbars to any combination of views and toolbars.

Third-party software

Autodesk sells additional software to make use of AutoCAD available. These include:

CAD Manager
AutoCAD LT for Mac, a simplified version of the standard AutoCAD program for Mac OS, initially for non-commercial use
AutoCAD Architecture, an architectural design and drafting program, the first version in AutoCAD’s Visual LISP framework.
AutoCAD AppCenter, a series of additional content, such as free sample drawings and tutorials


2. Run the autocad.exe

3. You will be asked for username/password when you try to open a new project.

4. Then you can run the cs file.

To install cad command on Linux
Open terminal and type
sudo apt-get install g++

It will install cad command.

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What’s New in the?

If you want to work even more efficiently and effectively when you import paper and PDFs, use AutoCAD’s Markup Assist. It can mark up parts of a PDF drawing for you. You can also import multiple PDF files with their own annotations and change the view to mark up the entire drawing (video: 1:20 min.)

Pin to a new reference:

Now, when you select the pin to a new reference button, the current drawing is updated as a reference. Instead of selecting the new pin, you can now click in the drawing, select the new pin, and hold down the Shift key to activate pin-to-new-reference. You can also pin to a new reference by pressing the new reference button (video: 1:14 min.)

Point Cloud:

Use the point cloud to point out issues in your drawings: easily review all the points in your drawings.

Extension Manager:

Extensions with more than one extension language are supported.

Extended Printing:

More adjustments and formats in PDF files in the PDF Printing dialog. Also, PDF Export supports the PDF/A-1a and PDF/X-3a:1 standard (video: 1:23 min.)


Map-Import is now available on the Mac. See page 879 for more information.


Recompile drawings and merge duplicate layers to save time.


When you streamline, you get better data automatically and there are fewer errors.

Slide Shows:

Load slide shows in the presentation view (video: 1:40 min.)

Show Landmarks:

The drawing tool bar in the Slide Show view contains more functionality for creating and editing slides.

Item Type Creation:

You can now define how your drawings use the default item types.


Multiply can be enabled in the Layers panel. You can access multiple objects at once and move them around.

You can also create a new multiply layer, which will look like one layer with different object types. You can move, scale, and change other settings in the same way as a regular multiply layer. When you create a multiply layer, you also have the option to define the underlying object type as a multiply layer.

System Requirements:

Windows® XP, Vista®, or 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
256 MB RAM
Conexant Audio Accessory (headset or audio interface)
1. Download the latest version of HD-SFX.
2. Extract the contents of the archive to the desired folder (default: C:Program FilesHD-SFX), overwriting the existing content.
3. Copy all the files in the HD-SFXDataCone

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