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April 5, 2021
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auditing and internal control, accounting homework help

The first two questions should be submitted within 4 days

Each question should contain a simple introduction also required a simple conclusion for each question


_Introduction; talk about external audit in general (the introduction should be short)

Required (750 words)

Q2_ introduction; talk about the auditing evidence in general

Required (750 words)

Q3-introduction; talk about the internal control also in general

Required( 500 words)

Q4_identifay the internal and external control and why its independent

_ what is the goals that the external control seek to

_why its important for the auditor to be independent

_what is the international rules of auditing

required( 500 words)

total words (2500)

Note: The required words above includes the hole question not only the introduction 
_citation in the description to 20 references of literature review 

_plagiarism 7% max 


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