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March 11, 2021
March 11, 2021


This exercise is designed to introduce you to the excellent resources provided by two different agencies within the U.S. federal government. Both agencies provide a wide range of information that is available on-line.

Choose ONE of the following two websites, and navigate through the site until you find a topic that interests you. Both of these federal websites are responsible for keeping U.S. citizens informed and up-to-date on science related topics in this country. This is a big country, so there is a huge amount of information available!

Earth Science

Atmospheric Science


United States Geological Survey



National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


Write a summary detailing what you learned from accessing your chosen topic (minimum of two typewritten pages, double spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins, 475 minimum word count). (( Chicago style ))

Remember the required formatting for all assignments. A good summary will include:

What is your overall impression of the website? Discuss whether you believe the information contained within the site is valid or simply conjecture. Defend your reasoning.

Provide a detailed summary of the topic you chose.

Make sure this summary is in your own words, and not copied (plagiarized) from the website. You will probably encounter new vocabulary—that’s good, this is supposed to be a learning experience.

A complete reference citation of the website used for your topic summary.

This must be a complete bibliographic citation, not just the url address. Complete web page citations will have an author, date, title of page, the source (organization), the url address of the website, and the last date accessed.

Two reference list examples:

USGS. 2016. September is National Preparedness Month. U.S. Geological Survey. Accessed 08 September 2016. HYPERLINK “…”…

Bernard, Eddie. N. 2016. The tsunami story. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Accessed 08 September 2016. HYPERLINK “”


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