March 2, 2021
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March 2, 2021

Assigment 2 19524479

 Complete each note taking CHAPTER for “Professor”. You may need to use more than one page template provided in the attachment for note taking depending on the the length of notes. For note taking for each chapter, include key moments of nuance and key details of the chapter. All notes must be bulleted.      

 For the questions for each chapter (provided in the second attachment), please answer all questions regarding “Professor”. Please apply the key parts of each Professor chapter to the book “Frankenstein” (if possible). Note that when a chapter question only has you focus on Frankenstein, regarding another text is not necessary. Answers MUST be in the form of a developed paragraph. Chapter Note Templates, Questions, and Professor Book is in the attachment below.  ChapterNotesfor22Professor22.docx HowtoReadLiteraturelikeaProfessor.pdf Questionsfor22Professor22.docx followtemplate.jpeg


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