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Assessment Framework Power Point

The readings from this lesson focuses on methods used to assess the desired end state and successful accomplishment of a given task as well as the steps or activities of the task to determine if they are fulfilling the intent or larger purpose of the task.  The key concepts examined in this lesson are Measures of Effectiveness, Measures of Performance, and Indicators.

Action: Analyze Assessments 

Standard: Analysis includes:

The assessment process Assessing an organization Developing Measures of Performance Developing indicators 

Learning Domain: Cognitive

Level of Learning: Analyze  Readings:

L105RA Doctrinal Excerpts-20190829 

Reflective Questions:

a. Define the relationship between MOP and MOE and the desired end state?

b. How does MOP/MOE provide the commander an overall picture of the assessment plan?

c. What are the contributions of indicators when developing MOP/MOEs?

Describe how you will use the assessment framework (Measures of Performance (MOPs), Measures of Effectiveness (MOEs) and Indicators) to determine if your organization is meeting its desired end state. (Select a goal for your organization i.e. ACFT scores, reduction in accidents, readiness, etc. and develop a briefing demonstrating your understanding and application of the material (MOPs, MOEs and Indicators).

Instructions: Construct a PowerPoint briefing based on readings in relation to question above and present the oral presentation to a Senior leader in your organization who is a graduate of the course (not retired).  This military information briefing presents and supports an opinion on a topic associated with MOPs and MOEs.  


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