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February 23, 2021


Based on your learning team discussions, use Microsoft® Outlook® to draft responses to all four questions.

Include a response of at least 150 words for each question in a new message within Outlook®.

  • Question 1: I am thinking about purchasing and using Microsoft® Outlook® for my small business. Can you provide some insight and information as to how this can help me be more productive?
  • Question 2: I have been trying to figure out how to organize my messages more efficiently. I just keep them in the inbox for now, but there are way too many and I can’t find older messages when I need to. Can you provide advice or tips on how to more appropriately organize my inbox?
  • Question 3: When I start Outlook® every day it takes so long to load. It goes through “Enabling Add-Ins” for at least 20 different programs. I can’t figure out how to get rid of some of these Add-Ins. Can you let me know? Also, can you think of anything else that might help speed up my Outlook®?
  • Question 4: At least twice per day, Outlook® crashes at random times and I have to close/re-open it. Do you know what might be causing this or what I should check?

Place an appropriate subject in the e-mails.

Save each response as a separate e-mail in Outlook® Message Format.

Submit the four e-mails to the Assignment Files tab.


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